About me

My name is Simon Tamayo Giraldo and this is my personal portfolio. This is me, all at once! I love science, travels, scuba diving, snowboarding, motorcycles and squash. I live in the city of lights but I love the world at large. I wish to live in many countries before I get old, I want to taste all foods, drink all drinks and meet all kinds of people.

I am 35 years, I was born in Medellin (Colombia) and I’ve been living in Paris since 2007, I came here for my studies and ended up staying a bit longer in this city of lights.

I’m still a work in progress: I would like to be a better painter, a better scientist, and a better person. I would love to learn how to pilot airplanes, how to play the piano and how to speak many languages.

That’s it for now. Do contact me if you want to get in touch. You can also check my book to discover the subjects that I lecture at my university, or you can visit my linkedin profile or my github profile to learn more about my professional life.

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